Goat Simulator Launch Trailer Is a Dead Ringer For Something


The official Goat Simulator launch trailer is oddly familiar somehow, and yet so much better than you can possibly imagine.

Launch trailers come and launch trailers go, and few make a lasting impression. But every now and then you run across one that really hits home. A trailer with artistry and emotional resonance that strikes a chord deep in your mind, or your heart, or your soul. A trailer like this one.

The Goat Simulator official launch trailer is here, and it is a thing of glory. Of beauty. Of majesty. It grows more powerful with each passing moment, until the final, stunning denouement, a moment so impactful, so perfect, that we don’t just see the goat, we feel the goat. We know the goat. We are the goat.

Oh God, I’m dying over here. Seriously, I can’t breathe.

Goat Simulator comes out on April 1. Find out more at

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