god of war camera hack baldur gives the finger to kratos Lance McDonald

One of the most iconic moments of 2018’s God of War is the opening battle that sees Kratos fighting a mysterious tattooed man that is later revealed to be the Norse god Baldur. It ends with Kratos seemingly breaking Baldur’s neck and tossing him off a cliff in what appears to be the man’s demise. However, a hacked camera has revealed that Baldur sends quite the message to Kratos after losing their initial encounter.

As seen in the video from Lance McDonald, Baldur flips off Kratos as he falls to the ground. This can’t be seen in-game but is quite the Easter egg for fans to find. It also works in the narrative sense as the crude Baldur would happily taunt Kratos, and it shows just how invincible the god really is. Baldur winds up being the third-person action game’s main antagonist and reappears throughout.

McDonald just recently finished hacking the God of War camera, which isn’t able to clip through elements. It “works fully during cutscenes,” he explained on Twitter.

Director Cory Barlog has retweeted the God of War camera hack showing his approval. Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell has also chimed in on it. “This is actually really inspiring,” wrote Bithell. “Seeing a GOW cutscene from an arbitrary camera demonstrates that it’s ‘just’ a couple of characters animating with ‘just’ some cameras, and not an impossible magic trick. It’s ‘just’ mastery on all asset fronts, and that’s maybe achievable.”

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