Kratos will be caving in skulls and wooing the ladies on the big screen with certainty.

In a brief interview with entertainment site UGO this week, director Brett Ratner spilled the beans he’s been selected to direct a film adaptation of the über-violent – and consequently, extremely successful – God of War game. The director is known for his work on the Rush Hour series, Red Dragon, and X-Men: The Last Stand. Depending on your movie preferences, this may or may not bode well for the quality of the forthcoming God of War movie.

Ratner went so far as to confirm the much speculated news but offered no details on the film itself. When asked recently by UGO’s “Evil Adam” about upcoming projects he’s working on, Ratner replied, “Oh God, a few movies. Waiting for the scripts and green lights to come in. A few good things: Playboy, Beverly Hills Cop, God of War.”

Given the mature nature of the game, it’s still to be seen whether the film will carry an appropriate “R” rating or be toned down slightly for “PG-13” audiences. Violence and sex sells, and God of War has the potential for a box office flop without ample amounts of both.

There’s no word yet on who could be tapped to play Kratos, but feel free to post your best guesses or recommendations below.

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