Godus Kickstarter Hits the Halfway Mark


The Kickstarter for Peter Molyneux’s new god game has just 11 days left on the clock.

Godus, the planned rebirth of the “god game” genre that Peter Molyneux created back in 1989, went live on Kickstarter on November 21, yet in spite of the promise of a new Populous from the man himself – with cross-platform multiplayer, no less – it hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. The Kickstarter comes to a close on December 21 and with just 11 days left, it’s made just a little more than half of its £450,000 ($723,000) goal.

To mark the moment, 22 Cans has released a new video in which various members of the team clown around and answer a few questions about the game and Molyneux’s vision, such as which “Molyneux promise” scares them the most. It’s all quite upbeat and positive, perhaps a bit more than you’d expect given that it will take a big final-week push to put Godus over the top.

And now we speculate on whether the relatively slow start (and possible failure) of the Godus Kickstarter is due to crowdfunding fatigue, Molyneux fatigue or a simple lack of actual interest in the game: we’d rather be nostalgic about Populous, in other words, than play it. Some combination of all three I suppose is the most likely explanation, but whatever the case, the failure to fund a revival of Peter Molyneux’s most famous games, headed by Molyneux himself – if it does in fact fail – will be a most interesting failure indeed.

Source: Kickstarter

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