Godzilla Trailer Forecasts Monster vs. Monster Melee


Godzilla isn’t the only giant mutant monster you’ll see in the upcoming movie – he’ll be picking on somebody his own size.

Monster movies are great and all, but “giant monster fights the military” can only get re-used so many times before it gets dull. Yet when the first trailers emerged for the 2014 Godzilla reboot, it looked like we were in for a fairly straightforward, uphill battle between the King of Monsters and our puny tanks and planes. From the looks of the latest trailer, though, it seems we spoke too soon: Godzilla may actually be the good guy here, acting as a last-resort weapon against an even more dangerous group of monsters: the Muto.

The Muto are a race of kaiju that seem to be the result of government-conducted genetic engineering tests. Obviously, since this is a monster flick, something goes horribly wrong and it looks like the Muto escape, and there’s nothing mankind can do except call on the biggest monster we know and hope it wins. The first trailer included a whispered line: “Can we kill it?” Turns out they weren’t talking about Godzilla, according to the added context from this trailer, in which somebody replies, “I believe something can.”

I don’t know about you guys, but this 90-second trailer has put Godzilla back on my radar. One of the Muto is a flying insectoid-ish creature, so I guess we can go ahead and cross “reboot Mothra” off the checklist. Another shot provides a glimpse of a Muto walking on massive, spindly, Cloverfield-esque legs, so this monster slugfest will probably be fought across land, sea, and air.

And now we can root for a giant monster instead of boring old humans. Go go Godzilla!

Source: MTV

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