News Introduces Pay-What-You-Want Divinity Bundle

0 trusts its customers so much, it will let them set the price for a new bundle and pre-order deal.

It should be pretty clear to even casual observers that gamers love their pay-what-you-want bundles. What started as a simple indie game gimmick has gone on to create million-dollar enterprises that show little sign of slowing down. The question now is no longer how long will the craze last, but who else will get involved? Stepping into the fray is none other than DRM-free gaming service to announce a pay-what-you-want Divinity Anthology bundle, which includes the first two Divinity games and an October 18th pre-order for Divinity II: Developers Cut.

The Divinity Anthology provides three buying options for players. Anyone who snatches up the set at a below-average price will receive a copy of Larian Studio’s Divine Divinity with’s digital bonuses. If you up the price to above the average, will throw in Beyond Divinity for your trouble. The full bundle goes to anyone who buys within the top 10%, which includes the Divinity II: Developer’s Cut and all of its expansions. As with all games, each title in the Divinity Anthology will be DRM-Free and optimized for the latest Windows operating systems. is keeping track of sales through a website counter, and will release additional bonuses when it reaches certain landmarks. The possible extras will include Behind-The-Scenes videos, a demo of Larian Studio’s first (and abandoned) project LMK, and even a promise to open up about Larian’s next top-secret title.

The Divinity Anthology isn’t using the same purchasing model as the Humble Indie Bundles, suggesting a more cautious approach on’s part. The website is likely testing the online waters to see what happens, with the possibility that future bundles will follow if Divine Anthology is successful. What especially interests me is how’s competition will react. If the Divinity Anthology bundle exceeds everyone’s expectations, it’s entirely possible that services like Steam might sit up and take notice.

The Divine Anthology will be pay-what-you-want until Divinity II‘s release on October 18th.


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