GoldenEye Watchface for Android Wear is Why I Need a Smartwatch

Secret Agent GoldenEye Watchface 310x

Silenced Walther PPK (or is it PP7?) not included.

Between LG, Samsung, Sony, Pebble, and Motorola, there’s no shortage of smartwatch selection in what’s still a very new product category. But do you want one? Do you need one? It will probably come down to the first question for many of us — I don’t know anyone who needs a smartwatch at the moment — but the answer might be that much easier to find for the GoldenEye fans in the crowd.

So what might be the first must-have app/add-on for a smartwatch? This watchface for Android Wear devices (seen above), which liberally borrows from the famous watchface in Rare’s classic for the Nintendo 64, GoldenEye.

The watchface, which can be downloaded here, is functional, too. Along with, well, telling you what time it is, the watchface also shows battery life via the blue armor status bar on the right. As Phandroid shows, the watchface works incredibly well with the round Android-powered watches from Motorola and LG.

This is, realistically, the closest you will ever get to actually being James Bond (legal names changes aside). If you’re on the smartwatch fence, perhaps this will change your mind…that or the gold-powered laser currently working its way up to your lower regions.

Source: Phandroid

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