Gone Home Launches Later This Month


Gone Home, the “story exploration game” from The Fullbright Company, is just a couple of weeks away.

Remember Gone Home? It was unveiled last year as the first project in the works at The Fullbright Company, an indie studio founded by former members of 2K Marin and Irrational Games. Returning home after a year away, you find your house locked and abandoned, and must discover what happened to your family. It sounds like a fairly conventional point-and-click adventure but project lead Steve Gaynor said the house “is built logically like a house in the real world,” and promised that while there will be puzzles to solve, there won’t be any typical adventure game “wackiness.”

And today, more than a year after it first came to light, The Fullbright Company announced a launch date – and it’s less than two weeks away. Gone Home will be available on August 15 on Steam and DRM-free directly from the publisher for $19.99. No preorders are being taken and there won’t be a demo, but you can check out a few new screens – “artifacts” left behind that “start pointing toward the story of a house, and the fate of the Greenbriar family” – and of course the wonderfully 90s-flavored trailer playing above. (The game is set in 1995 – hence “tapes.”)

Intriguing, no? More information about Gone Home (but not a whole lot more – it is a mystery, after all) can be had at

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