Good Old Games Will Be “Done” In 250 Games


Retro PC digital distributor Good Old Games thinks that there are “only so many” good old games out there.

Current digital distribution platforms like Steam and Direct2Drive have it easy: New games come out almost every day, so your library is slowly expanding all the time. For retro gaming institution Good Old Games, however, their library is inherently limited: By definition, all the games that it could ever conceivably host have already been released.

Speaking with, GOG managing director Guillaume Rambourg said that there would come a day when there were no more good old games to be had. “I believe we are running after roughly 200 good old games,” said Rambourg, “and then I think the PC catalogue will be pretty much packed. There are only so many good old games. 450, 500 and then I think we’ll be done.”

“It took us two years to get 230 games,” he said of the service’s current library, “[So] I think it will still take us at least another year, maybe two years to get to 400. We still have much on the plate.” The service was aiming for one “key” publisher per quarter, Rambourg said, and was so far performing “above expectations.”

GOG has been in the spotlight recently for its controversial death and rebirth marketing stunt, though it may have softened the blow by adding BioWare’s classic Baldur’s Gate to its library when it relaunched.

That’s one down, 249 (or so) to go.

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