Mobile game developer Glu Mobile worked closely with Google to develop the first Glass game, Spellista.

Niccolo de Masi, CEO of mobile developer Glu Mobile, believes Google’s upcoming wearable Glass computer could revolutionize the gaming landscape much the same way Apple’s iPhone did a few years back. “It’s been six or seven years since the first iPhone,” he said to VentureBeat. “This could be one of those moments. The next seven years could well be a wearable wave. It could happen as fast or even faster than the smartphone, this PC in your pocket.” His company has been working with Google as a top Glass developer to create the word game Spellista.

“We think there’s room for this to be a phone replacer in the long-term,” de Masi said of Glass. “We think there’s room for the price point to come down and drive interesting adoption of this long term … It’s a brand new paradigm for interactivity, so it’s a brand new paradigm for games.” Spellista uses voice commands and head movements to control the game, as opposed to thumbs. The game is designed to take advantage of the unique feature of Glass and is meant to be played briefly for one or two minute periods, de Masi added. “Wherever you are, you can say, ‘OK Glass, play a game.’ We’re the only game in the store.”

Source: VentureBeat via Polygon

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