Feeling a bit “in over your head” in Fallout 3? Planet Fallout is offering a very cool and thorough look at the blighted landscape of the Capital Wasteland by way of Google Maps.

The map includes points of interest ranging from outposts and item locations to more exotic content like easter eggs, as well as beginning and end points for quests and all the locations in between. The map is constantly being updated with user-submitted information, and in fact the site warns that the sheer volume of information being received has slowed down the review process, and asks that users refrain from submitting material more than once to make sure it goes through.

The map is very easy to use and will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s ever played with Google Maps. Have a look at the secrets of the blasted D.C. landscape, and maybe contribute a discovery or two of your own, at Planet Fallout. (Caution: It should go without saying but just in case, the odds of tripping over a spoiler are extremely high. Consider yourself warned.)

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