This game based on DC’s superhero The Flash may never have seen the light of day, but at least you can see what the title looked like six months into development thanks to this rough early footage.

There’s no denying that the above footage – posted on superannuation by a BottleRocket employee – is incredibly rough, but you know what? Let’s be lenient for a moment: After all, the title was reportedly only a third into development (six months, with “about a year” remaining) when the publisher, Brash Entertainment, went under.

So for a game six months into development, there’s potential here. Granted, I don’t think any developer could ever illustrate the true capabilities of The Flash in a game (like running around the world in a fraction of a second to punch someone in the face) but the BottleRocket team apparently had a good grasp on how to give the player a good sense of speed, even in this early rough footage. The combat looks pretty cool, too – bullet time taken to its absurd extreme, anybody?

There are some solid ideas under the hood, and it’s a shame we won’t ever get to see them in action. Alas and alack.

(via Joystiq)

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