Grab Powerful, Unique Weapons Hidden in Halo 5 Campaign Levels

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Upgrade your arsenal in Halo 5: Guardians with these secret mythic weapons scattered across the campaign. The upgraded weapons have unique names and special effects that can help make the hardest difficulty slightly more manageable. Learn how to get all 16 weapons we’ve found so far with the locations guide below.

To add more variety (and better things to unlock) in the new Warzone mode, the developers at 343 Studios upgraded the basic weapons with powerful variants. Instead of making these weapons more powerful, they’ve got a variety of special effects and bonuses that can completely change the way you’ll use them. Sniper Rifles fire a V-shaped beam instead of an accurate shot, UNSC Shotguns blast burning lead and semi-auto laser cannons launch of barrage of homing bullets like a Needler. There’s even a Needler variant to play around with. Get a taste with the 16 weapon variants hidden in the Halo 5 campaign.

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Unique Weapons Guide

There are 16 secret Weapon Variants in the Guardians campaign. Find them all with these locations.

Mission 01: Osiris

  • Open Hand (Boltshot): The first weapon variant is found in the ice caves. After hitting a checkpoint, look along the left wall in an arena. There are jagged rocks and layers of frozen platforms. Climb up and move left on the cliff to find this special Boltshot pistol. Effect: Fires tracking bullets.
  • Loathsome Thing (Scattershot): After riding the lift in the caves you’ll get a view of the clouds outside. Move toward the cliff edge and look down to spot this upgraded shotgun. Effect: More damage, more bullets, faster fire rate.

Mission 02: Blue Team

  • Blaze of Glory (UNSC Shotgun): Inside the metal structure with white storage barrels, you’ll come across a burnt corpse to the right of a white container.To the right of this scene is a low platform. Climb up, then continue to jump up until you reach the highest platform. Look against the wall at the top to spot a blue-highlighted mythic weapon. Effect: Burning shots and fast reload.

Mission 05: Unconfirmed

  • Nornfang (UNSC Sniper Rifle): At the landing pad, enter the landed ship with the ramp down. The rifle is resting near the empty seats. Effect: Explosive shots and tracking bullets when looking down sights.

Mission 07: Reunion

  • Talon of the Lost (Needler): Entering a valley with high rocks and Covenant shield cover, look to the right before moving forward. There’s a ledge you can climb. Move along and look for a dark alcove with the needler around the corner. Effect: Increased zoom and faster explosive effect.
  • Pool of Radiance (Fuel Rod): Moving forward, you’ll reach an area with a split in the ground with a deactivated light bridge and a tall silver tower in the distance. Turn left and look for shrubs. Near the shrubs is an easy-to-miss ledge you can jump and climb into, reaching an alcove where the cannon is hidden. Effect: Increased zoom and poison cloud after-effect.
  • River of Light (Incineration Cannon): In the Warden boss battle, run past the two silver Forerunner platforms and move up the hill toward the large half-circle structure. On the way, there’s a high cliff to your right with a tiny dark alcove. Climb into it to find the special Promethean Rocket Launcher. Effect: Fires more explosive rounds per shot.
  • Twin Jewels of Maethrillian (Binary Rifle): In the underground cavern, follow the path along the ledge to the left. While moving along this path, count the number of rock groupings on your right. Past the second crop of stone, look to the left. There are small platforms against the seemingly flat cliff. Climb up three times to reach a high cliff with the rifle. Effect: Fires twice per shot.

Mission 13: Genesis

  • Light of Urs (Fuel Rod): Down the Forerunner bridge and running toward the Guardian in the distance, stick to the left wall until you reach a dead-end cliff. In the corner is where you’ll find this unique weapon. Effect: Faster shot speed and wider explosion radius.
  • Spitfire (Plasma Pistol): Moving toward the Forerunner Halo-shaped structure, you’ll pass another Forerunner tower on the left guarded by a tank. Look on the lower cliffs just past the tower ramp to spot the pistol. Effect: Faster overcharge and improved zoom.
  • The Answer (UNSC SAW): Before reaching the Halo-shaped structure and encountering the boss, you’ll see a UNSC supply drop to the left and right of the ramp entrance. There are two unique SAWs here. Effect: Shots explode on impact.

Mission 14: The Breaking

  • Didact’s Signet (Scattershot): When the Warden Eternal contacts you, talking about “domains” and “refuse” — run to the back of the room and climb on top of the pyramid-like endpoint to find this shotgun on a pedestal. Effect: Homing bouncing projectiles.

Mission 15: Guardians

  • White Scar (Plasma Caster): Tower the ‘Exuberant’ waypoint, move through the Covenant wreckage on the right of the arena. When you reach a pod-shaped chunk, look in the space behind it to collect this weapon. Effect: Homing shots home-in on enemies when hip-fired.
  • Vorpal Talon (Energy Sword): At the Alpha Core, look on the cliff behind the back-right pylon, to the left of an extra Mantis. Effect: Bonus thrust evade and extended thruster hovering.
  • Twin Jewels of Maethrillian (Binary Rifle): This powerful rifle appears a second time. Look on the high jutting rock behind the Epsilon Core, to the back left. Effect: Fires twice per shot.

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