Grab the Popular Board Game Deception: Murder in Hong Kong for 25% Off


It’s got a 4.7 rating on Amazon. Reviewers call it an “engaging party game for gamers and non-gamers alike,” “easy to learn,” and “a wonderful new take on a familiar theme.” See for yourself what all the hype is about: get the Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Game for $29.99 at Escapist Deals.

This social game of deduction and deception can handle up to 12 people – hello, board game night! Each 20-minute game is action-packed: one player is the murderer, another is the forensic scientists, and the others are investigators, working together and interpreting clues to solve the crime…and pinpoint the killer among them.

Save 25% on this top-rated game. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is $29.99 at Escapist Deals.

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