Sony’s teasing a Gran Turismo-related announcement for May 15. Could it be a new sequel?

Can we be straight for a moment? Gran Turismo 5, while a quality racing simulation, was something of a debacle. Few would argue that the game was complete when it made its PlayStation 3 debut in November of 2010 – even Sony itself eventually opted to release a massive “2.0” patch for the title less than a year later which included a number of features initially slated to appear in the original version of Gran Turismo 5. Point being: We’ve got our fingers crossed that Gran Turismo 6 proves a more cohesive whole.

Why mention any of this? This morning, the official Gran Turismo website began teasing an upcoming, mysterious announcement cloaked in the idea that it’s part of the franchise’s 15th anniversary celebration. According to Sony, come May 15 the firm will introduce us to something new in the Gran Turismo series. Alongside the vague announcement tease Sony also dropped a trailer which you can find embedded above, but as for explaining what Sony plans to introduce, it’s of little help.

Speaking of “little help,” behold the only really useful sentence in the announcement:

[Gran Turismo designer Kazunori Yamauchi] is set to provide an update on the future of the Gran Turismo game at Silverstone. His passion for all things automotive is evident in the ever-increasing levels of realism and attention to detail in Gran Turismo, and the huge range of cars for which it is famous.

Thus, with a lack of other explanations, we’re going to tentatively assume that this upcoming announcement is going to be the official debut of Gran Turismo 6 – which, of course, we also know nothing about.

Actually, scratch that. We can pretty confidently say that it will include race cars. Six different variations of Nissan Skyline, if nothing else. Beyond that though, we’re in the dark. Will it be a PlayStation 3 title? A PlayStation 4 game? A *gasp* Vita game?! Who knows?

Now we wait until May 15, to see what Yamauchi has up his sleeves, and again, keep our fingers crossed tightly that the company can produce a better racing title than Gran Turismo 5.

Source: Gran Turismo

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