Gran Turismo 6‘s Go Karts Invade Gran Turismo 5


Gran Turismo 5 aims to be the best racing game ever by including lots of new content, such as kart racing.

New modes for Gran Turismo 5 that were hinted at earlier in the year have been confirmed for the long-awaited racing simulator. In addition to a course creation utility and 3D support, the game will also let players ride in a go kart.

Go karts were planned for Gran Turismo 6, according to a statement by Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi, as he talked at GamesCom. However, Yamauchi says, go karts were included in Gran Turismo 5‘s release after information about them leaked to the press. Yamauchi says kart racing is unique due to the “dynamic movements specific to karts” and “peculiar racing geometries and suspensions,” in addition to the driver’s own movements. It’s an interesting new mode for racing fans to look forward to.

Also detailed at GamesCom were Gran Turismo 5‘s expanded B-Spec mode, a custom course generator, and 3D photography. The course creator is being called a “course maker” because it’s not an extensive editor. It allows players to set parameters and to have a random course generated based on them. Yamauchi thinks people will enjoy GT5‘s updated B-spec mode, where players guide an A.I. driver around a course rather than driving themselves, because he was finally able to add all the features he wanted, such as driver personalities and full knowledge of all race conditions. Finally, Gran Turismo 5‘s support for 3D televisions allowed the implementation of a 3D photography mode that 1up said looked “striking,” and it supports the Multi-Picture Object (MPO) 3D image file format.

Polyphony Digital must be full of ideas if it was having to cut them for inclusion into Gran Turismo 6 over Gran Turismo 5‘s approximately six-year development period. Gran Turismo 5 looks like it’s shaping up nicely and should be well received when it finally makes it out of the gate in November. Yamauchi also told Autoweek that we “won’t have to wait as long” for Gran Turismo 6, as much of the work on 5 was developing a framework that won’t have to be created for 6, so that’s a relief.

Source: 1up

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