Gran Turismo HD Cancelled


The controversial Gran Turismo HD game for the PS3 has been cancelled, according to the official Japanese site.

The much disputed Gran Turismo HD game for the PS3 has been changed from a retail product to a free download in Japan. Initial plans for the upgraded Gran Turismo 4 port involved putting little to no content in the retail package, instead offering paid downloads of individual cars and tracks.

Designer Kazunori Yamauchi’s update to the official Polyphony site indicates that the game will be available for free download on December 24th for a limited time, including nine cars and one track. No mention of additional content was made, suggesting that this will be a standalone product. Currently, Japan is the only region getting the new content.

Yamauchi says there may be a few Concept special editions of the game in the coming months and years, but most work is focused on Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3. The current release window for the game is 2008.

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