Gran Turismo HD Free For PS3 Owners


Sony has announced that Gran Turismo HD will be released on December 24 in North America as a free download on the PS3.

Previously announced for Japan, North American players will now get to download the free Gran Turismo HD game on their PS3. A high definition port of Gran Turismo 4, the game will include one track and ten vehicles to choose from.

Gran Turismo HD Concept provides PS3 and automotive fans a glimpse into the future of Gran Turismo,” states Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the Gran Turismo franchise. “With the power of the PS3 technology, the world of Gran Turismo is refined by its full HD visual presentation and unique interactive experience, resulting in an even more realistic and true driving simulator.”

The usual time trial and a “drift trial” mode where the player goes for style rather than speed will be available.

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