Real-time strategy gem, Grey Goo, has just added a new faction and plenty of content in a big, free expansion.

Grey Goo drew the attention of real-time strategy lovers last year. It combines the best elements of old-school classics like Command & Conquer and Starcraft, and builds something new out of those parts. Today, gamers lucky enough to already own Goo can download a massive expansion – entirely free.

Descent of the Shroud introduces a fourth faction to the game’s already well-distinguished three. Beyond the Beta, Humans, and Goo factions, you’ll be able to play as the Shroud in multiplayer and in a new Shroud-focused campaign.

The Shroud, as expected, play a little differently than the other three races. They are highly adaptable, changing their base structure on the fly, able to take on the shapes of their enemies in order to infiltrate an enemy base. “For king and country,” as they say.

My own copy is still downloading as I write this, but I cannot wait to get into this campaign. Have any Escapists gotten into it yet?

Source: Greybox

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