GTA Online Patch Adds Capture The Flag, But Deletes North Yankton

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Rockstar’s latest Grand Theft Auto V update removes North Yankton from the multiplayer component, but a swanky, new capture the flag mode has been added.

Anyone who’s played the single-player campaign in Grand Theft Auto V will recognize North Yankton from the game’s prologue. The snowy locale is a harsh contrast to GTA’s bikini-filled beaches, but it only appears twice throughout the title’s narrative.

Last week, though, several gamers stumbled across a glitch in GTA Online that allowed players to explore North Yankton without restriction. Sadly, Rockstar’s latest patch removes the magical floating island from Grand Theft Auto’s online universe.

The patch does include a few positive elements, though. Cash rewards are being increased for losing teams in Last Team standing and Team Deathmatch. Plus, the update addresses a goulash of balance issues and bugs.

However, the most important part of the patch has to be the addition of a swanky, new capture the flag mode. Here’s how Rockstar describes the update:

“With 20 new Jobs across four unique modes, this GTA twist on classic capture the flag style confrontations brings a whole new level of adversarial action to the world of Los Santos and Blaine County. Strategy plays a huge role as you run decoys, set traps and place obstacles to ensure your enemies don’t get close to your goods.”

The new jobs come in four flavors: Raid, Hold, GTA, and Contend. Raid is a standard CTF mode that’s set on Vespucci Beach or Fort Zancudo Air Base. Hold is akin to Halo’s headhunter mode. Players will need to capture as many packages as possible and hang on to them until time runs out. GTA, as the title might suggest, is a car-stealing mode. The team that manages to steal more cars within the allotted time wins. Contend, on the other hand, tasks players with capturing a package that has been situated directly in the middle of the map.

Feel free to memorialize North Yankton by pouring some malt liquor on the ground, but grab Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest update. Capture the flag is waiting.

Source: Rockstar, Rockstar

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