Grand Theft Auto Online GTA Online: The Contract Dr Dre Franklin Clinton story expansion release date December 2021

Rockstar Games is bringing legendary rapper Dr. Dre and returning character Franklin Clinton to Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online) in a new story expansion called The Contract, which is launching December 15, 2021. The narrative-driven expansion looks like one of the game’s largest content drops yet, with a story that focuses on Franklin a few years after the major heist he helped pull off in the original Grand Theft Auto V story. He’s got a “celebrity solutions agency” that aims to help Vinewood’s most high-profile citizens, but now he needs a strong partner and a client to make some waves – and that’s where Dr. Dre comes into the GTA Online world.

The former N.W.A. rapper says he needs help retrieving his phone, which contains new, unreleased music that he doesn’t want in the wrong hands. Other familiar faces like Lamar Davis are back to help as well, as players are tasked with helping Franklin secure the phone and all its contents. The Contract brings more than just familiar faces and Dr. Dre into the mix, though, with Rockstar promising new weapons, vehicles, and a new radio station. You can get a taste of GTA Online: The Contract in the trailer below.

As exciting as the promise of story content featuring Dr. Dre is, the news might be a bit disappointing to some Grand Theft Auto fans. In October, Snoop Dogg let it slip that Dre had been working on new music “connected to the GTA game that’s coming out.” Many fans assumed that this new project was Grand Theft Auto VI. However, it seems the Dr. Dre project Snoop Dogg was referring to might simply be this surprise GTA Online expansion. Rockstar has yet to officially announce the next mainline entry for its big-budget open-world franchise.

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