Guitar Hero 5 Gets Playable Avatars


Your big-headed polygonal caricature on Xbox Live will be able to fulfill its dreams of rock stardom when Guitar Hero 5 launches with support for playable avatars.

Judging by the clothes available for your Xbox Avatar these days – skinny jeans, arm warmers, crazy facepaint – it’s almost as if the things were designed to be in a Guitar Hero game, so it’s really not much of a stretch or surprise to hear talk that the upcoming Guitar Hero 5 will support in-game playable Avatars.

It works basically the way you’d assume it would: you can import the Avatars on your 360’s hard drive into Guitar Hero 5, and then play any of the songs in the game using them and an instrument of your choice. It works for the band mode as well, where you can mix-and-match Avatars with the musicians who come in the game, including franchise mascots like Judy Nails and Axel Steel.

My Avatar, who wears white facepaint (no it’s not corpsepaint) and camo is all ready to Guitar Hero it up, but if you need to give your virtual dude or dudette the rock star treatment, the game features a “Create-A-Rocker” mode where players can “customize their creations with exclusive Guitar Hero clothing and accessories to ensure they look performance-ready.”

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