Guitar Hero Developer Tuning Up New First-Person Shooter


The next time you hammer-on and pull-off a button in a Neversoft game, someone will die.

Just a few months after Activision shelved the Guitar Hero franchise for failing to convert hand cramps into gold as fast as it used to, developer Neversoft has begun to recruit talent for a new AAA, multiplayer FPS title, the details of which have yet to be revealed.

The discovery was made on Neversoft’s official job recruitment page, where the company has listed the need for a Windows PC Platform Lead Engineer, a Senior Technical Artist, and a Senior Level Designer, all of which require candidates to have “a strong passion for and experience with First Person Shooters.” This new game will mark the developer’s first foray into the world of FPS gunplay, its only two previous action titles being PlayStation’s Spider-Man in 2000, and the multi-platform release of Gun in 2005.

With Neversoft famously responsible for what are possibly the two most milked franchises of all time (Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk), and Activision’s ongoing marathon run with the Call of Duty series, let’s just hope this new FPS title is decent enough for us to stomach the inevitable parade of spin-offs and sequels likely to follow any success this game may find. Though, if that is the case, it could also mean a great long-term gig for anyone who scoops up one the jobs being offered. What do you say, Escapists? Any Windows PC Platform Lead Engineers out there looking for work?

Source: Eurogamer

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