Guitar Hero III Guitars Displayed and Detailed


Gibson Guitar gives gamers fresh guitar goodness.

Activision has announced a partnership with Gibson Guitar in order to provide brand new battle axes for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. The agreement will offer players over 20 in-game guitars and 80 finishes to customize their rock god avatar. For the first time in the franchise, wireless guitars and new features such as removable, customizable faceplates will give the third installment in the shredding series a new feel.

“Our relationship with Activision began with the launch of Guitar Hero over two years ago. Since then the game has had phenomenal success and many other makers have tried to compete with its popularity. We have combined the power of Gibson with the power of Activision to produce one of the greatest games ever for consumers. We are sure game enthusiasts around the world will quickly make Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock a huge success,” commented Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Gibson Guitar.

Dusty Welch, head of publishing at RedOctane, added, “We’re thrilled at our exclusive partnership with Gibson, and their presence as one of the most iconic and influential companies in the music industry wholly adds to the Guitar Hero rock star experience. Also, being able to offer official Gibson shaped wireless guitar controllers for the first time on each platform, and to unlock a variety of the different models to play in-game, will provide our fans the incredible opportunity to truly shred like rock gods.”

The in-game unlockable guitar designs include:

  • ES-335
  • Explorer
  • Firebird
  • SG
  • Les Paul
  • V-Factor
  • Super CES400
  • Marauder
  • Corvus


  • Casino
  • Coronet
  • Sheraton


  • 650
  • Vanguard

Bass Guitars:

  • Marauder
  • Corvus
  • Les Paul
  • LP Double Cutaway
  • EDS 1275
  • ES335
  • Firebird
  • Flying V
  • Moderne
  • SG
  • X-Plorer

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