Kinect may require certain conditions to work properly, but will it work if you’re sci-fi/horror heavy metal band GWAR?

By this point, Kinect’s strengths and limitations have been well-chronicled. We know if it works if you’re sitting, if it works if you have a darker skin tone, and if it works if you don’t have quite enough room.

But our colleagues at Game Informer recognized that there was a crucial gap in consumer data: Will Kinect work if you’re GWAR?

In all seriousness, this video of two members of ridiculously over-the-top performance band GWAR playing Kinect in full stage getup (alien sea monster codpiece and all) may be one of the most hilarious uses of Kinect I’ve yet seen – serious props to the GI guys for pulling this off. It’s also horrifically NSFW, even after they bleep out the swear words.

Seeing GWAR dance to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” – it just doesn’t get any better than this. What’s next, GWAR singing Christmas carols?

Oh, right.

The full video is not to be missed over at Game Informer.

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