Hacker gets Crysis 3 Running in Glorious 8K Resolution


Please put your mouths in the “drop” position.

You know what’s better than Crysis 3? Crysis 3 in 4K, assuming you have the hardware to pull it off. But what’s better than Crysis 3 in 4K?

Crysis 3 in (enables God voice) 8K resolution.

Flickr user and game engine hacker K-putt managed to pull off Crysis 3 in 8K, albeit after working some magic with some of the games’ code.

First, K-putt had to run the Crysis 3 executable file through OnTheFly, a program that, after some tweaks, allows Crysis 3 to take console commands that it can’t normally comprehend. This means, among other things, K-putt could enable new, high resolutions — like the 8000×3333 rez he captured screenshots at (the portrait photos are *only* at 3750×5000).

After messing with the executable, K-putt ran SweetFX, a second program that, according to ExtremeTech, lets gamers mess with a game’s shader coding. Think of it like color-correcting a game, while playing the game.

Because K-putt’s PC (overclocked Intel Xeon, AMD Radeon HD 7950) only got two frames a second at 8K, s/he would play Crysis 3 at a lower resolution, find a good screenshot spot, and then crank up the pixel count for the Kodak moment.

The above gallery images are low-res versions, naturally, but head over to Flickr for the true 8K versions.

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