Hackers Attack OFLC Website


A disgruntled Australian has vented his frustration at the Office of Film and Literature Classification, by hacking their website.

The anonymous hacker left a message on the website which read:

“This site contains information about the boards that have the right to CONTROL YOUR FREEDOMZ. The Classification Board has the right to not just classify content (the name is an ELABORATE TRICK), but also the right to DECIDE WHAT IS AND ISNT APPROPRIATE and BAN CONTENT FROM THE PUBLIC.”

The OFLC site was quickly taken down, presumably so that it could be cleaned up and is still currently unavailable. Exactly what had irritated the hacker so much isn’t completely clear. It may be the lack of an R18+ rating for videogames, but equally, it could be in response to the Australian’s controversial plans to filter the content on the country’s internet.

Some have applauded the hacker’s actions, but others have suggested that his move may be counter-productive, and may in fact strengthen the resolve of the Australian government to forge ahead with their plans.

Source: GamePolitics

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