Have you ever used the QuakeCon forums? Now would be a good time to change your login info.

From the official QuakeCon website:

In recent days, a hacker carried out an unlawful intrusion of the old site, compromising usernames and passwords. While we have taken appropriate steps to protect the new forums from attack, we recommend anyone using their old credentials on another site to change their passwords immediately.

The site goes on to promise a new, improved QuakeCon forum system, which should be going live shortly. It advises that prospective attendees, forum goers and anyone who feels their views on id Software’s annual gathering of shooter fans needs be heard migrate to the new digs as soon as possible.

As a bit of added backstory, I had originally intended to recap the spate of recent hacker attacks, but you probably don’t have time to read a 30,000-word history lesson. Suffice to say, everyone from Sony to Fox News to this very website has been hit by Internet rogues over the past few months, and as such this latest announcement is less “tragedy” and more “statistic.”

It also serves as a stark reminder to web developers: if you don’t regularly update your software, you’re just inviting some kid with anger issues to cripple your site. The old QuakeCon forums were just that, and given the conference’s key demographic (read: young men with equally vast amounts of technical proficiency and free time), it’s not entirely shocking to see this happen.

On the other hand, what did QuakeCon ever do to anybody? This is like kicking a puppy because he swiped your Quad Damage.

Despite this attack, QuakeCon 2011 is still scheduled for August 3 through 7 in Austin, Texas.

Source: QuakeCon 2011

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