Here’s a blast from the imaginary past: Halo 2600, a fully-playable vision of what the hit shooter might have looked like if it had been released three decades ago on the classic Atari console.

Imagine: A long-awaited new game is on the cusp of being released, exclusively for the hottest console on the market. It’s an epic, action-packed tale of one man’s stand against an army of hostile aliens, played out across multiple, highly-varied environments rendered in stunning visual detail with cutting-edge technology.

Oh, and it’s 1978.

That’s what you get with Halo 2600, a look at what might have been if the hit Bungie franchise had debuted about three decades ago. The game was created by Ed Fries, the former vice president of publishing at Microsoft, and features just about everything you’d expect, with blocky versions of all the Covenant bad guys, primary-colored levels, power-ups and a perfect chiptune soundtrack.

Word on the street is that lucky attendees of the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas – which, I’m sorry to say, ended yesterday – had a shot at one of 500 copies of the game on a real-life Atari 2600 cartridge. Those who didn’t have the fortune to be in Vegas over the weekend can still give it a try, as a Flash version of the game is available at Helpful hint: The gun is one screen up from the starting point, so that’s probably a good place to start. Now get out there and make the galaxy safe for humanity!


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