Buyers of the Halo 3 limited edition may find their game play experience very limited indeed.

One of the gaming community’s most vociferous and voluminous message boards, the NEOGAF forums, has sounded off with several warnings that the packaging of the limited edition may be ruining game discs.

Priced at $70, it comes packaged in a tin case. Apparently, the tab mechanism used to keep the disc in place is insufficient, causing the disc to come loose during shipping and handling.

GameDaily confirmed the problem, saying it “received its own limited edition copy of Halo 3 on Saturday and we can confirm that both the main game disc and the bonus disc were loose in the tin and covered in tiny scratches.”


The review copy recieved by The Escapist (at left) was similarly afflicted.

The standard edition ($60) and legendary edition ($130), which do not use the same packaging design, appear unaffected.

Gamespot and Microsoft have not commented on the matter to GameDaily.

Source: Gamedaily

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