Halo Legends Trailer Unveiled, Has Teddy Bear(?)


Feel like watching the trailer for the collection of short anime-style features set in the Halo universe that was announced yesterday at Comic-Con? Of course you do.

Not much to say about this one – just watch the movie. At first glance, the animation and artwork look pretty good; Master Chief and the other Spartans look exactly as they should (though I have to admit, I groaned upon seeing the one Spartan with the serial number ‘1337.’)

Just judging from this short trailer, it looks like not all of the features will star the Master Chief (or even necessarily star his Spartan comrades) – well, unless that one blonde girl we see in the garden is actually the Chief, and she’s been pulling a very effective Viola-is-Cesario this entire time.

In fact, if Microsoft is using Halo Legends as a way to flesh out the Halo universe in general beyond the games, books, and whatever else they’ve got these days … it’d actually make sense for at least one of the shorts to act as an accompaniment for the upcoming Halo: ODST, no? Hell, it might be effective in actually getting viewers to care about a brand-new cast of characters more than they usually would.

Even if they don’t, there’s still the Chief and an Elite dueling with energy swords, so I can’t really complain … except about that random teddy bear. That seemed a bit out of place, I feel.

(Via Joystiq)

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