Halo-Themed Animated Series Follows Obsessed Fan


A new official Halo animated series is coming, but it won’t exactly be following the likes of Master Chief.

343 Industries and Powerhouse Animation are currently working on a new animated series for Halo Waypoint called Apt. 117 that will follow an obsessed Halo fan and his roommate. The series’ first trailer has definitely nailed what a truly obsessed Halo fanatic is like, but I’m not quite sure yet if the show will be worth watching.

In the past, Powerhouse Animation has worked on other properties like Penny Arcade and Clerks. 343 Industries is Microsoft’s new internal division handling Halo in Bungie’s absence.

I have no doubt in my mind that there are Halo fans right now sitting in the bathtub trumpeting Halo music through a cardboard tube just like this fellow here. I’ve seen people in real life with Halo tattoos that cover more than just their heart. Remaking Halo weaponry in one’s own house just like this guy’s Needler nailgun has not only happened, but it’s kind of awesome. As far as I can tell, 343 and Powerhouse aren’t insulting anyone here, despite the nudity.

Maybe I’m crazy, but this might be something I’d actually take a look at when it eventually comes out. It’s at least a new kind of officially licensed videogame animated series. Hey, even if it’s bad, maybe in one episode the Halo fan will try to build a jetpack and splatter himself all over the street.

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