Hard Reset Launch Trailer: Vending Machines of the Future

Even in the high-tech future of Hard Reset, vending machines still suck.

You ever beat up a vending machine because it swallowed your buck-fifty and then didn’t cough up that delicious bag of Doritos you’d been longing for all day? Now imagine how it would feel if, instead of the afternoon munchies, you were being plagued by a rampaging horde of machines bent on the destruction of humanity, and rather than a nacho cheese-flavored pick-me-up, what you really, really needed to get through the day was a high-powered energy weapon. That’s how it goes for Major James Fletcher, CLN operative, protector of humanity and annoyed consumer.

The Hard Reset launch trailer shows off just a portion of the arsenal available to players, which comes in two flavors, projectile and energy weapons. It’s a fairly conventional mix of weaponry – machine gun, shotgun, rocket launcher, plasma rifle, rail gun and so forth – with a few unusual pieces thrown in for good measure, but in the highly explosive city of Bezoar, even the most basic weapons can do an awful lot of damage.

The Major’s song-and-dance routine with the vending machine is actually a reasonably accurate rendition of the in-game weapon purchasing system: find a vending machine, stick in your quarters, pick your implement of death. I’ve never really understood how the need to maintain profit margins holds up in the face of the looming extermination of humanity, but I suspect it’s one of those things you’re not supposed to put a whole lot of thought into.

Hard Reset, the debut shooter from Flying Wild Hog, is available now on Steam.

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