This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

For more major games Yahtz has reviewed lately, check out Trek to Yomi and Ravenous Devils, Rogue Legacy 2, Teardown, Weird West, and Elden Ring.

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A while back we were talking about Ravenous Devils, which for all its hideous violence and traumatic facial hair was still a time management-based light restaurant sim, a genre I very firmly file under “mum games.” Games your mum likes. Those and hidden object games, which mums like because it helps them hone the skill of zeroing in on the pornography stash in their teenager’s bedroom. But every game can be pigeonholed into belonging to a specific member of the household. Mario for little Bobby. Halo for slightly larger Bobby. Civilization for Grandad. That one DS game about touching underage girls for weird uncle Richard. And how could we forget the noble dad games. Which, much like Dads, have gone through a lot of evolution. Dad games as a genre started as rather dry train and flight and truck simulators aimed at retired machine operators who want to wallow in nostalgia for the days when they didn’t have to be around their fucking kids all the time, but inevitably as the audience for standard video games aged and became parents themselves the Dad game evolved to cater more to them, and combine the honest productive hard graft of the work simulator with the more traditionally game-y elements of fantasy, skill challenge and narrative. So now it’s not just forklift operating it’s forklift operating in NARNIA where the princess gets executed if we don’t move all the boxes of tampons fast enough.


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