Headshots From the Heart Marathons Borderlands 2 For Charity


The second annual Headshots From the Heart gaming marathon will spend 24-hours with Borderlands 2 in a skull-popping quest to raise money for Child’s Play.

I hope you have room in your life for another charity gaming marathon because on May 18, a group from lovely Kitchener, Ontario is going to sink 24 solid hours of their lives into Borderlands 2 in a guns-blazing drive to support the Child’s Play charity. The team raised more than $2500 playing the original Borderlands last year and is aiming for $8000 this year.

To help encourage interest and donations, the Headshots team is inviting local gamers who raise $50 for Child’s Play to join them at Kwartzlab for some LAN party action during the marathon and also offering a shot at taking part in the main event. As with every good gaming marathon there will be live challenges, an auction of ten bundles of gamer kit ranging from a painting by local artist Nik Harron to a collection of gear donated by event sponsor SteelSeries, plus prizes, interviews, performances and more.

“Last year people wanted to help by gaming themselves,” said Headshots From the Heart co-founder Jim Tigwell. “This year they can come, join our LAN party, participate in live challenges, relax in our Spike|Mobile Console Lounge, win great prizes and know they are helping Child’s Play.”

The Headshots From the Heart Child’s Play Marathon begins at 12:30 pm EDT on May 18 and runs for a rock-solid 24 hours, and will be streamed live from start to finish. You can find out more (including what a “Spike|Mobile Console Lounge” is) at

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