Hearthstone Adds Cosmetic Alternate Hero Skins For $10 Each


Sick of staring at Garrosh’s face in Hearthstone? For $10, you can stare at Magni Bronzebeard’s face instead.

Hearthstone fans have been asking for alternate skins for its nine playable heroes for quite some time (especially hardcore fans of a specific faction who don’t appreciate being forced to play as “the enemy”), and now the feature is finally coming… for a price. Today, Blizzard has announced that dwarven warrior Magni Bronzebeard will be the first of nine alternate hero skins for the game, which will set you back $10 each.

So what do you get for your ten bucks? Unlike the usually static hero portraits (with the exception of the “golden” versions), Magni will be fully-animated right from the get go, and will even have a unique animation for his “armor up” hero power.

The new alternate hero skins also come with unique emotes and voices that convey their individual personalities, a new play area featuring a custom visual theme, and nifty “entering the game” animations. There’s no word on whether ot not the new play areas will be exclusively available to purchasers of the new heroes or not.

Purchasing Magni will also reward you with an exclusive Magni-themed card-back to use with any of your decks.

Blizzard stressed that new heroes do not add new cards to your collection or change the classes’ activated hero power and are not considered new classes.

Personally, I think it’s a bit rich to charge $10 per hero in a game that is already one of the most micro-transaction heavy titles out there. I feel $10 for alternate skins for all nine classes would be fair, but as these are simply cosmetics that have no actual effect on game-play, I guess they can go ahead and charge whatever they want.

Source: Blizzard

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