Heavy Rain Creator Shows Off New Game Engine With Short Film


Quantic Dream’s Kara is a brief but haunting look into how androids are born.

Other then some complaints over how Heavy Rain was received in the US, developer Quantic Dream has kept a low profile over the past few months. However, Quantic appears to have been hard at work improving upon the technology behind its games, and recently, it released an evocative short film, titled Kara, to show off the graphical capabilities of its newest PS3-specific game engine.

The film details the creation and assembly of a highly advanced android, who shortly after being assembled, gains self-awareness, leading to an interesting philosophical conflict with her creator. It’s a little disturbing to watch, but definitely shows off the capabilities of Quantic’s new graphics engine, which studio head David Cage explained was built with using full-body motion capturing in mind.

Quantic’s kept quiet so far on whether its next game will include more of Kara’s story, or if this version of Quantic’s new engine will be used.

Source: Games Radar

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