Heavy Rain Movie Snares Deadwood Writer

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The producers claim that they have found the ideal writer for the Heavy Rain movie, and Warner Bros. seems to agree.

The movie version of the already fairly cinematic Heavy Rain is moving forward with the announcement that Emmy award winning screenwriter David Milch will create the script. Milch’s previous work includes NYPD Blue and Deadwood.

Heavy Rain tells the story of the hunt for the “Origami Killer” from four different perspectives. Each character has his or her own motive for pursuing the murderer, and their stories intertwine until they eventually converge at the game’s conclusion. Developer Quantic Dream presented the game much like a thriller movie, making it uniquely suited for a big screen adaptation.

Unique Features, the company set up by New Line Cinema founders Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne in 2008, will produce the movie, with Warner Bros. backing it. Shaye said that Milch was the ideal screenwriter for the project, as he had the ability to take complicated storylines and turn them into “gripping, popular drama.” Warner Bros. is fast-tracking the movie, and Milch will start work on the script as soon as he is done with the first season of the horse-racing show, Luck.

I must admit that I have a good feeling about the Heavy Rain movie, if for no other reason than it seems like a lot of the work normally needed to convert a game into a movie has already been done. The story might need to be streamlined a little – especially as the script for the game apparently runs to 2,000 pages overall – but hopefully that will be a fairly painless process.

Source: Variety

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