Heavy Rain‘s Intro Leaked


If you don’t want to see two and a half minutes of heavy rain in Heavy Rain, don’t click this news post.

Normally, in a post like this, I’d put up a spoiler warning for people who don’t want to have their valuable gaming experiences sullied by (purposefully or otherwise) inconsiderate jerks – for instance, my boss.

But here, I’m not sure I need to bother – there doesn’t look like there’s actually anything plot-relevant in this intro sequence. Hell, there doesn’t look like there’s any plot in it, at all. It’s just… lots and lots of rain. And people in the rain, living their lives.

What’s interesting about this intro movie to me is what it says about the game. It immediately brings to mind the opening credits of a film in its composition, which is fitting for the film-noir stylings of Heavy Rain as a whole. It’s also fitting considering that – as we’ve seen – the game plays like an interactive movie, and I don’t mean in the same way that Nate Drake’s adventures do: The Uncharted games are “cinematic,” while Heavy Rain aims at being a truly controllable film.

Rather than being action-packed and introducing you to the characters (like, say, the opening of Left 4 Dead 2), this seems to be aiming to just convey a feeling of general atmosphere, and it’s pretty effective in that. The game is about real people tackling real problems (oh, and tracking down a killer or something), so why shouldn’t the intro movie evoke that?

Now if only they can fix the Magical Appearing Car at 2:00 in – but hey, Quantic Dream has almost a whole month left to go before the game comes out, right? Shouldn’t be too hard to fix an obvious glitch like that.

The Heavy Rain demo is scheduled to come out next week, so we’ll be able to see if it lives up to everything Quantic has promised it will be.

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