“‘I’m not watching a movie, f*** you’. I want a game.”

Ever since movie director Guillermo Del Toro announced his survival horror game Insane, there’s been a lot of excitement about the project. That said, if you were hoping the game would contain movie-length cutscenes featuring Del Toro’s signature style, you’re in for some disappointment: The dude who directed Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth actually hates cutscenes.

Speaking to Ken Levine in an audio interview, Del Toro explained that he always skips cutscenes when he plays games:

“I’m a gamer, my daughters are gamers, we spend countless hours in the game universe … You know what kind of gamer I am? When we come to a cinematic, I jump it. I go ‘I’m not watching a movie, f*** you’. I want a game. You can selectively take control away from the gamer for a few seconds but don’t render him inactive. Give him something to do, but don’t f****** say, ‘And now a word from our sponsor’.”

Details like an actual release date have yet to be revealed, but earlier statements have implied that the game is due out in a couple of years.

CORRECTION: It was earlier reported that Greg Kasavin would be writing the game’s story. That was an error: Greg Kasavin is not writing Insane.

Source: Irrational via Eurogamer

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