hellpoint release date cradle games tinybuild co-op dark sci-fi souls-like like Dark Souls

Cradle Games’ dark action role-playing game Hellpoint will release on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch later this month on July 30. A new trailer from publisher tinyBuild announces the date in addition to showcasing cooperative play. This comes more than two years after the original intended release date cited in the game’s 2017 Kickstarter.

Taking place after a quantum cataclysm occurs, players wake up aboard a space station filled with challenging enemies. Hellpoint blends Souls-like gameplay with its sci-fi setting. The dynamic game world changes each time the player dies, which is explained in-game by the station revolving around a black hole that is triggering new events, so players can expect a varied experience each time they attempt a run.

Players will be able to play cooperatively both locally and online. There won’t be any battling over loot drops as any pick-ups will be shared between both players, and the full game can be played with a friend.

This marks Cradle Games’ first release. The Quebec City-based studio was founded in 2015 by Creative Director Mathieu Boudreau and Technical Director Marc-André Jutras. Members of the team previously worked on a number of notable franchises including Assassin’s CreedCall of Duty, and Prince of Persia.

In an in-depth preview back in February, The Escapist’s Phillip Moyer described the combat as “responsive and satisfying” and said that “the world succeeds at beckoning the player to explore its secrets.” However, despite some lauded art design, some of the graphics were described as looking as if they were from a generation ago.

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