Help Irrational Choose Its New BioShock Infinite T-Shirt


Do you prefer Art Nouveau, or happy, flying dogs? It’s just one of the tough choices in Irrational’s t-shirt contest.

Irrational Games, the studio that gave us BioShock, needs your help in choosing the design for a new BioShock Infinite t-shirt. The shortlist is made up of five designs created by BioShock fans, and voted for by Irrational staff.

The brief was simple: taking inspiration from BioShock Infinite, create a design that would look good on a grey t-shirt. As you can see, the ominous Songbird – a biomechanical horror that serves as Elizabeth’s companion and jailer in equal measure – loomed pretty large in many of the artists’ mind. Another took inspiration from Art Nouveau of the early 20th century, creating an advert for an aerial circus. The fifth and final design features a rather charming flying dog; he doesn’t look particularly bright, but definitely looks like he’s enjoying himself.

The winning artist will not only see his or her design made into an actual, official BioShock Infinite t-shirt that will be handed out at events, but will also win a Murder of Crows vigor bottle – as seen above. While the Art Nouveau design is my personal favorite, all five would make pretty stunning t-shirts. You can vote for your favorite on the Irrational blog. You’ll have to be quick though; voting closes at 11.59PM EST on Monday, August 1st.

Source: Irrational Games

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