The Dragon Collector’s Set of miniatures will breathe fire/ice/poison into your soul.

Whether you like to play tabletop role-playing games with miniatures on a grid or prefer to collectively imagine battle scenes with your group as described by the game master, most fantasy gaming fans enjoy looking at physical representations of the iconic winged beasts that make up half the name of Dungeons & Dragons. Wizard of the Coast produces some excellent sculpted plastic minis, and the Dragon Collector’s set is no exception. These five chromatic dragons – red, black, white, green, blue – are finely detailed down to the last wing, tooth and claw.

The set comes will be available in your local gaming store on November 4th this year and will set you back $45. If you are playing in a dragon-centric campaign, or if you just like how five awesome plastic dragons will look in your cubicle, I highly recommend picking this attractive package up to frighten players and co-workers alike.

Careful D&D minis collectors will notice that three of these designs ware recycled from previous products, but two brand new sculpts of dragons is still awesome and never before was it possible to get a full set in one fell swoop. And as Meatloaf said, two out of five ain’t bad.

Or was that three? Anyway, these dragons are so vicious that they escaped our clutches, traveled through time, and ravished the European countryside in The Escapist‘s ongoing game of Napoleon in Europe. It seems that none of the powers in Europe paid heed to the deeds of Aegon the Conqueror in ASOIAF and realized these beasts can destroy any infantry, cavalry or even cannons that humans can muster.

Let this be a cautionary tale to any would-be monarch, dragons trump all.

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