Here’s How To Get The Very Best Ending In Cave Story+

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Getting the best ending in Cave Story+ requires plenty of patience and replaying — unless you know exactly what to do. Here, we’re going to reveal the secret and explain every step to uncovering the best ending.

Adorably, the included manual with the physical copy of Cave Story+ for the Nintendo Switch actually includes a super-secret code matrix that explains everything you need to know about earning the happiest ending possible.

Using all my wit and cunning (and a mirror…) I was able to decipher the secret message and pass on the secrets to you. Sure, this isn’t exactly new information, but thanks to the re-release on the Switch, it seems like as good a time as any to dive back into the wonderful little indie world of Cave Story.

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How To Get The Best Ending

To get the best ending, let’s start with the secret code matrix message, printed in the physical manual included with the Switch version of the game. Here’s the fully translated and complete message.

When Booster falls in the Labyrinth, don’t talk to him. Jump across the gap instead. In the Core area, find the Tow Rope in the water and use it on Curly after you defeat the Core. Put Curly on the bed in the cabin in the Waterway. Read the book, drain Curly of water and don’t leave her behind. Get the Booster v2.0 from Arthur’s House. Talk to Curly and the Cthulhu in the Plantation to learn about the Mushroom. Get a Badge from the Storage Room in Mimiga Village Cemetery and examine the Badge. Talk to Ma Pignon, defeat it and feed it to Curly in the Plantation to get the Iron Bond. After defeating the Undead Core, use the trap door in the prefab building to enter the Blood Stained Sanctuary. Finish this area for the “Best Ending.”

And voila! That’s all it takes to unlock the best possible ending. That’s a lot of steps, but the manual lays it out pretty clear.

Check back soon as we hunt for Health Containers and other hidden items in Cave Story+!

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