Ultron tears The Avengers apart while Disney and Marvel double down on the Pinocchio references.

Tonight during some… football game, Marvel unveiled the new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Fortunately, it’s now out in the wild. Because we care, I won’t beat around the bush – watch right now, on the right side of this page.

To be clear, nothing in this trailer adds substantially to what we’ve previously seen. The tone is different, I suppose – this trailer really emphasizes what we all know to be the case: that the events of Ultron lead in some capacity to the apparent break up of the Avengers, setting the stage for Captain America: Civil War, and ultimately a new Avengers lineup. But we’ve previously seen elements of almost everything in this one.

But who cares? Marvel is really good at selling their films, and they’ve done so here. I love how damned personal things look. The Avengers have always been about the weird family dynamic, so breaking them up means getting in the way of their relationships, We get a hint of that by the way certain characters interact, like Black Widow and The Hulk, or better, Iron Man and The Hulk. We also see more of our heroes isolated from one another (not just emo Hawkeye in the woods). Hell, I even like the heavy handed use of “I’ve got no strings”. That’s how good Marvel is at this. Point: Prepare for all the feels, true believers.

How great does this thing look? I love the Hulkbuster armor, and the weird, disjointed, almost zombie-esque way Ultron comes together. Granted, I’d like to see more of Quicksilver, but hell, I can wait until the film comes out.

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