Heroes of Might And Magic Creator Forms New Company


Jon Van Caneghem, the creator of the Might & Magic series, has formed a new company with former EA executive Dr. Lars Buttler.

After a brief stint working on an unannounced MMO game for NCSoft, Jon Van Caneghem has left the publisher to form Trion. Partnered with EA’s former VP of Global Online, the new company is hoping to “to revolutionize entertainment by combining the best of online, gaming and traditional media.”

“Broadband has created a new frontier in game development, similar to the first explosion of game development in the 1980’s,” said Van Caneghem. “Designers are free to be creative and explore concepts and designs that were previously impossible or unheard of.”

Van Caneghem made similar comments after leaving New World Computing to work with NCSoft back in June, 2004. His reasons for leaving NCSoft were not disclosed, but he never shipped a game with the publisher. Van Caneghem’s last game to hit shelves was Heroes of Might & Magic IV in 2002.

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