Heroes of The Storm Getting Diablo-Themed Mini-Expansion


Heroes of The Storm will be getting it’s first map set outside of the Warcraft universe.

Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm may have only just been officially released, but Blizzard is already hard at work pumping out additional content. As part of it’s official launch event, it announced that a Diablo-themed kind of “mini-expansion” would soon be hitting the game, featuring two Diablo characters, and a Diablo-themed map.

The mini-expansion will be called Heroes of the Storm: Eternal Conflict, and has already partly launched with the release of HoTS latest hero: Johanna, the crusader. Joining her shortly will be perhaps one of the most iconic Diablo villains of all-time (aside from Diablo himself, of course): The Butcher. The Butcher will be an assassin-type hero who will play around hooking people in close and chopping them up. Check him out above.

However, as interesting as these new heroes are, the true gem of this content drop is the new map “Battlefield of Eternity”. Based on the high heavens settings of Diablo III‘s Act IV, Battlefield of Eternity features new NPC interaction in which two creatures – one good and one evil – try to periodically knock each other out at the center of the map. If you help your side knock out his opponent, he will in turn help you push your team’s lanes.

Check it out:


What’s really cool about Battlefield of Eternity is that it’s the first Diablo-themed map for the game. Up until now, all of the maps have been either generic fantasy-type maps, or distinctly Warcraft-themed. With Battlefield of Eternity, there is hope for more Diablo, and even StarCraft, themed maps in the future.

Source: Blizzard

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