A whole bunch of new Heroes of The Storm info was dropped at PAX East this year.

As well as announcing its Heroes of The Dorm college tuition program, Blizzard also gave us a feast of information on upcoming Heroes of The Storm changes. The most notable nuggets were two videos, one showing off the new hero: Sylvanas Windrunner, and the other an upcoming map: Tomb of the Spider Queen. There will also be some favourable changes to gold generation, most likely due to feedback on the game being too expensive.

First, check out Sylvanas’s debut trailer below:

Sylvanas is classified as a Specialist, but has abilities that are very close to an Assassin. Her abilities are as follows:

  • Passive – shuts down minions, towers, forts with auto-attacks.
  • Q – Withering Fire – Core ability … fire while on the move, high amount of burst damage
  • W – Shadow Dagger – Damage over time, spreads from minion to minion.
  • E – Haunted Waves – Can teleport to a clone, used for charging forward or escaping.
  • Ultimate 1: Wailing Arrow – shoots an arrow that does damage and silences in an area.
  • Ultimate 2: Mind Control – takes control of enemy mercenaries.

Next, check out the Tomb of the Spider Queen trailer:

The Tomb of the Spider Queen is a new map set in an underground location – a very different setting from all of the current maps. The map objective will revolve around collecting gems from spiders, which will summon the Spider Queen to help your team if you get enough.

Lastly, there have been a few tweaks to player progression. First up, level 30 players will no longer be “talent gated” and will have access to all of a heroes talents at hero level 1. Next up, base gold gain has been increased, and there will the addition of 2,000 bonus gold at account levels 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. Additionally, Heroes can now be leveled up to hero level 20, with 1,250 gold being granted at hero level 15, and 2,500 at hero level 20. Finally, all players will receive a free 7 Day Stimpack at Account Level 10.

It really looks like Blizzard has been listening carefully to fan feedback during the game’s Beta phase. If only they would considering offering an all-in-one hero bundle, I would be perfectly content…

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