Heroes of Video Game Music Kickstarter Shoots For Unique Album


Rik Ede wants your help to get 20 of game music’s best to put together something special.

“I’ve been incredibly lucky over the last 20+ years,” says Rik Ede, whose audio career spans from the Amega straight through to every PlayStation known to man, “to work with some of the best games composers and sound designers in the business, during my time working for the likes of Psygnosis, PlayStation, Dolby and DTS, and I reckon it’s finally time to bring these unsung heroes into the light.” Hence his Kickstarter, which intends to bring 20 of game music’s best talents together in the same room, to create a unique new album: Heroes of Video Game Music. Artists who’ve worked on the likes of Populous, World of Warcraft, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Gears of War and many, many other titles have already signed up for this project, which only wants £7,000 to become a reality. At time of writing, it has £1,532, with 30 days to go.

“There’ll be some classic chip-tune styling in there,” Ede promises, “as well as some of the more cinematic, orchestral tracks too, and everything in between.” He’s hoping to create a truly international collaboration, and while he has 20 artists signed up now, that doesn’t mean he intends to stop there. “A couple more really unusual artist surprises” will be revealed later in the campaign, according to Ede. There will be a digital version of the album, but for those willing to go the extra mile with their pledges, there’s also a DVD edition with video diaries and other extras. Those who put in at the £500 level could get one of the exclusive Gold Disks, signed album covers, and tickets to the launch event in London Soho.

The Kickstarter’s just over here, and it includes some music videos from the artists involved, to give you an idea of what you might get for your pledges.

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