Microsoft has announced the upcoming release of the “Heroic Map Pack” for Halo 3, which will include three brand new multiplayer maps for the massively popular FPS.

The map pack will be the first in a series of downloadable content from Halo 3 developer Bungie Studios. The three maps have been designed to offer completely different play types: Standoff, a symmetrical valley with entrenched bases ideal for mid-sized objective and Slayer games; Rat’s Nest, with massive passages offering an “indoor vehicle paradise” ideal for large-scale team battles; and Foundry, described as the “ultimate Forge map” in which players can build almost any kind of map they want inside a massive industrial warehouse.

All three maps are fully customizable via the Forge, which in conjunction with ongoing updates to Halo 3 matchmaking playlists will help ensure that online gameplay remains exciting, competitive and evolving. The “Heroic Map Pack” will be available on December 11, exclusively via Xbox Live, for 800 Microsoft Points, and all three maps will be available for free download in spring 2008, immediately prior to the release of the next Halo 3 map pack. More information is available the Xbox Live Halo 3 website.

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